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We will search the whole of the market for the most appropriate scheme for you. With over 7000 schemes and 400 lenders all offering different details this is a very daunting, if not impossible task to be attempted on your own! We will do this for you without charge.

Life Assurance
Most lenders will strongly recommend or make it a condition of offer to have life cover in place to AT LEAST protect the value of your mortgage and other outstanding loans/debts. The most common and usually cheapest forms are called Term Assurance.

Level Term Assurance (LTA) the amount of cover stays the same throughout the time you have the policy and pay the premiums (usually monthly or annually). You would generally use this for an interest only mortgage ie. the debt is not reducing.

Decreasing Term Assurance (DTA) the amount of cover reduces in line with your mortgage balance, if you have a repayment mortgage and is usually slightly cheaper than LTA.

Depending on your circumstances there may be other life assurance plans that are more appropriate for your circumstances.

Critical Illness Cover
This will pay out a lump sum ( or an income in some instances) on the diagnosis of a life threatening illness or disease. Most insurers have a long list of illnesses and this type of cover is becoming more and more popular. It can be taken as a separate plan to your life assurance or can be included within the life plan to try and reduce the overall cost. It therefore can be a level amount of cover (as LTA) or a reducing amount (as DTA).

Health Insurance
This cover provides with an income on illness and/or sickness. It can be until retirement (Permanent Health Insurance) or for a limited, specified period of cover, usually connected with your mortgage.

The level of benefits can be basic, to pay your mortgage only and/or other associated mortgage costs or more complex with built in cover chosen by you.

The more you build into a plan, generally the more expensive it will be. This type of cover may be called Accident,Sickness & Unemployment (ASU), Mortgage Protection, Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) or Income Protection Plan (IPP).

Buildings Insurance
This is a compulsory insurance in ALL cases. The premium is based on the rebuild cost of the property, which stated by the valuer and appears on the valuation report and, normally, the mortgage offer. The Postal Code area also influences the premium. Accidental cover can be included.

Contents Insurance
Not compulsory but strongly recommended. The premium is based on the level of cover required and detail of the application (ie. are you including specific high value items) and the Postal Code of the property that you require cover for. Accidental cover can be included. It is important to estimate the true value of cover needed as under insurance can lead to a limited payout by the insurer!!

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